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Travel Tips

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1.Make a checklist of every item you plan to take on your trip. Example: Travel adaptor, chargers, swimwear, etc. Plan your outfits ahead of time to avoid over-packing. Make sure to check the whether ahead of time to know what kind of clothes to bring. 3Buy travel-size containers for your toiletries. if you do not have a check in baggage allowance, make sure not to bring over 100 ml. If you will be going through customs, check your luggage prior to packing. Do not, i repeat, do not accept packages from strangers! Pack clothing using the time-honored technique. Roll your clothes to save space.


Documents and Money

Under Guns, Firearms and Other Devices That Discharge Projectiles, prohibited in the aircraft include air guns; bolt guns; gun and firearm components; flare guns; nail guns; pellet guns; pistols; revolvers; rifles; shotguns; spear guns; and, any sport-related firearms.

The circular noted that “all forms of firearms and guns must be endorsed to the appropriate Law Enforcement Officer (Presidential Decree No. 1866).”

Projectile-capable devices such as slingshots; bow and arrows; and crossbows, however, are allowed to be checked in but are prohibited in carry-on luggage.

Under Stunning Devices, tear gas is banned in both carry-on and check-in luggage, but acid spray, insect/animal repellant spray, pepper spray, and stun guns can be checked in.

Also banned in flights are explosives such as grenades, dynamites, pyrotechnics, fireworks, and ammunition. Other fire-starting devices like matches, disguised lighters, lighter fluids, and fuels are also not allowed in carry-on and check-in luggage.

Several sharp objects like knives, letter openers, nail files, nail cutters, razor blades, scissors, and disguised objects with sharp objects as well as blunt objects like umbrellas and large tripods are prohibited in the cabin but can be checked in.

Liquid, aerosols and gels (LAG) in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 milliliters and contained in one transparent resealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding one liter are allowed in the cabin.

However, only one transparent 20cm x 20cm resealable plastic bag will be allowed for each passenger.

“Exceptions should be made for medications, baby milk/food and special delivery requirement. All types of LAGs regardless of volume when labeled as flammable (highly combustible & self-igniting by chemical reaction), corrosive or toxic is not allowed in the cabin or in the hold,” the circular said.

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